Thanks for the visit! <3 This current page has a slightly academic touch to it. I care about knowledge and intellectual things, but equally as much about those aspects that are hard to describe with logic and words. Here you will get a sense of mostly the former - with some art mixed in...

I graduated with a concentration in robotics from Olin College of Engineering near Boston (May 2021). Before my college time, I grew up in Frankfurt, Germany. I'm currently diving deep into the trans-disciplinary nature of engineering for sustainability, social justice, and global health (MESH) in the context of wind energy. Before this, I worked with Natel Energy to build fish-safe water turbines to create renewable energy and contributed to a peer-reviewed study regarding their effect on eels.
Some of my exciting (technical) engineering work ranges from building and maintaining renewable energy systems such as a vertical wind turbine, micro-hydro generators to designing, and constructing a sun-tracker (pan-tilt mechanism) for five solar panels. I also love to express my engineering skills in artistic, playful, and beauty-creating ways - just like nature :-)

My understanding of the interconnectedness in nature and my interest in sustainable engineering has grown a lot during a two-semester immersion at the off-grid permaculture farm Woodland Harvest Mountain Farm in North Carolina (olinatwoodlandharvest.com). During the first semester and rise of the pandemic, 15 students came together with the farm family to live in an intentional community immersed in nature and be creative. During this time, I wrote my Bachelor's thesis on Holistic engineering and a science of holism for a thriving world. In a transdisciplinary fashion, I believe that engineering can do much better in working with living systems by respecting their and our personal limits. Frankly, engineers have created almost all technology that has contributed to the destruction of our planet. I am curious to understand more about how oppression, violence, and colonialist power structures are weaved into this field of great creative potential; especially as a white, privileged human in this unjust world.

Feel free to check out some of my favorite engineering and art projects below! Some of my art lives on instagram.